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Web Design for Nursery Schools

We've been building websites for Nursery Schools and Early Years settings for more than 15 years!

Why Chaos Created for your Nursery School Website?

Chaos Created stands out as the ideal agency for designing and developing websites for nursery schools, thanks to our extensive 15-years of experience developing websites in this sector.

We’re lucky enough to have worked with more than half of Bristol’s maintained nursery schools, as well as Children’s Centres in North, South and Central Bristol.

Our deep understanding of the unique needs of nursery schools allows us to create tailored solutions that serve parents and carers of children within the settings, whilst also helping nursery schools reach prospective parents and carers within the surrounding area.

Reaching New Parents and Carers

  • First Impressions Matter: We craft visually appealing and intuitive websites that make a lasting first impression, ensuring that new parents find the information they need effortlessly.
  • Engagement and Interaction: Our designs focus on engagement, encouraging prospective parents to explore, interact, and connect with your nursery school.

Communicating with current Parents and Carers

  • Streamlined Communication: We integrate features that streamline communication, such as newsletters, alerts, and updates, keeping parents informed and involved.
  • Community Building: Our websites serve as a hub for the school community, fostering a sense of belonging and connection among parents, carers, and staff.

Our Success Stories

We launched the new website for Hartcliffe Nursery School in April 2023. Our focus on delivering a usable, accessible website and our ongoing work with the Hartcliffe Nursery School team to update it with new and engaging content has transformed the site into a destination for parents and carers who share updates with their friends and family.

Within twelve months, the traffic to the website has grown more than 700%, and we continue to work closely with the Hartcliffe Nursery School team, engaging with their nursery school team to develop new features and to help them communicate with their parents, carers and the local community.

That’s just one example of how we work with our nursery school clients, and we’d love to tell you more. Get in touch! You can email us or use the live chat box on this page! 


700% Audience Growth within 12 months

What our clients say

Chaos Created are great creative partners, who listen, adapt and produce great things – often going above our expectations.

They are a responsive, reliable and respectful team to work with, who can quickly understand and interpret our needs and requirements.


Bristol Early Years Teaching School Alliance

Chaos Created is a great company to work with. They designed and update my website. They are always extremely helpful. It’s a shame there are only 5 stars as they deserve more!



Cakes by Debbie

Your Ongoing Partner

More than half of the clients we worked with in 2023 came to us because their current websites were broken or they could no longer access their websites because they could not contact their last website developer!

Chaos Created was established in 2008, and we are always just an email or phone call away. We work with more than 95% of our clients on an ongoing basis, and we take care of everything! Once we’ve built and designed your website, we will look after the hosting and domain name for you, we’ll take care of your website’s security and backups, and we’ll even support you with updating your content!

One of the things we are most proud of is our ongoing support of the nursery settings we work with. We know you’re busy, so we can keep your site updated with content. Drop us a couple of photos and a sentence or two, and our team will turn this into a beautiful blog post for your website, highlighting the incredible activities and learning opportunities within your setting! And we’ll cross-post your latest news to social media on your behalf!


Clients who came to us because they were dissatisfied with their current website

Not Just Websites

We have an incredible team with graphic design, photography, digital marketing, search engine optimisation and video production skills, too! 

  • We’ve helped nursery schools with rebranding and developing logos, signage and printed materials!
  • We also offer photography and videography services, and we’ve produced “A Day in our Nursery” videos in multiple languages for several schools!
  • We offer a full day of photography to all our clients so we can capture your wonderful nursery setting and showcase what makes you special.
  • We can also help you with digital marketing and have run search and social media campaigns for several nurseries, helping them fill empty spaces.

We can be your one-stop agency for all your digital media and marketing needs. And don’t just take our word for it – our lovely nursery school settings have some wonderful things to say about us! 

Our services include…

Cost Effective

We’re really proud of the fact that we haven’t raised our costs for Nursery Schools (and charities) for more than ten years. We provide a great-value, professional service.

Content Managed

We know how busy nursery settings are! Our awesome Content Managers will look after you, keeping the website up to date on your behalf! Your team can drop over the latest news, and we’ll transform a few sentences into a beautiful news post for your website, and cross-post it to social media too!

Digital Media

We provide design, photography and video services. We’ve worked with a number of nursery schools and Early Years settings on developing logos and brand identities. We’ll provide a photographer for a day, and we also offer video services (we’ve developed a number of “A Day in our Nursery” videos in the past).

Website Hosting and Security

Hosting is one of those things that people don’t really want to think about, but is an important part of delivering your website to customers. We offer great hosting packages with top-level service from our team, and we can take care of all the technical stuff for you. We also keep your site safe and secure too, and take care of back-ups! 

Custom Functionality

Chaos Created are software developers in addition to being website designers, so we can create you a website that does what you need it to do! We’ve coded websites for competitions, games, bookings, and more. For our nursery schools and Early Years websites, we’ve built booking systems, events calendars, Register Your Interest forms, online chat services, and more! 

Mobile Responsive and Inclusive

Our websites are mobile responsive as standard, covering a huge range of devices from huge monitors and televisions to phones and tablets. Our mobile responsive sites reduce development costs by giving you one platform that scales to all device types. We focus heavily on accessibility too, with tools for those with disabilities to access content, and we can incorporate translation tools within your site to reach your entire community!