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BEYTSA Booking and Ticketing System

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Last year, we developed and designed a new website for the Bristol Early Years Teaching School Alliance, and also worked on their rebrand ahead of the site launch.

Prior to the launch of the new site, BEYTSA were not offering online booking for their courses. Instead, their customers could submit a form, which was then processed manually by their team. With the relaunch in 2018, BEYTSA decided to use an external provider in order to begin selling spaces for their courses online. We developed a new system for displaying details of all their courses online, but payment was handled by a third party events booking company.

Although a step in the right direction, the experience was rather jarring and complex for BEYTSA’s customers. The customer would click to book a course, but would then be presented with a long list of all available courses, and they’d have to then locate the name of the course they’d like to book, despite coming from the course’s listing. Events that had passed would not be removed automatically, so it was possible for customers to book courses that had already run, and the experience was particularly poor on mobile, as the booking would occur through an overlay displayed on top of the site which did not scale desirably.

With their 2019-2020 courses coming online, we were asked to develop an integrated booking system for their website.

Our new booking and ticketing system allows their customers to book courses directly from the listing page for each course. We have simplified the booking process so booking, registering, and payment is all done within the site.

Booking a place is now far simpler, and our new booking and ticketing system automatically creates an account for new customers, making future bookings simpler and removes the frustration of having to fill out their details multiple times.

Payment is made, securely, using a trusted payment provider, and the system automatically generates booking confirmation emails and tickets for each of the attendees. This is particularly useful as, often, a customer may be booking places for other staff members.

Our system also automatically generates a list of attendees which BEYTSA can then use for registration at each of their courses and events, and they can use the contact details within each list so send follow-up materials, or contact their customers with useful information ahead of a course or event.

Our new booking and ticketing system is live on the BEYTSA website now and can be viewed directly at https://beytc.co.uk/courses.



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September 5, 2019