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We at Chaos Created are thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new website for South Bristol Children’s Centres (SBCC)! This exciting project has been a true collaboration driven by a shared passion for supporting families and fostering a thriving community in South Bristol.

The new website is a vibrant and informative hub designed to be accessible and welcoming. Here are just a few highlights that make this website special:

  • Stay Connected: The homepage features a live social media feed that keeps parents and carers updated on the latest news and events, while a constantly refreshed calendar ensures they never miss out on exciting activities.
  • Empowering Parents and Carers: We’re proud to present the new Information and Support Blog, a trove of resources covering crucial topics like breastfeeding support, financial literacy, and mental health.
  • Accessibility for All: The website prioritises accessibility with various tools that cater to diverse needs, ensuring everyone feels included and empowered.
  • Celebrating Diversity: Recognising the beautiful tapestry of cultures within the South Bristol community, the website offers translation options, making information readily available in multiple languages.

We’re excited to continue our ongoing partnership with South Bristol Children’s Centres, amplifying their incredible work and ensuring their website remains a valuable resource for the families they serve.

Head over to https://southbristolcc.org.uk/ and explore the new website! We’re confident you’ll find it informative, engaging, and a true reflection of the warm and supportive environment that SBCC fosters.

You can learn more about our work supporting nursery schools and early years settings here.