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Our Team

Our team is currently working on a brand new cross-platform game. We’ve already worked together to create in-house games and apps such as Timedancer, Zombies Ate My City, and Langeroo, as well as client based work.


Ali Maggs

Company Director, Lead Developer

Ali is the Company Director of Chaos Created, as well as lead developer.

He has produced games and applications for well known clients such as TES and Verridian Creative, as well as co-creating many in-house products such as Zombies Ate My City, Timedancer, and Langeroo.

He is a regular guest speaker at TeenTech events throughout the UK, and also teaches coding to primary and secondary school pupils.

  • Location: Bristol, UK

Ari Abraham


Ari was born in London and grew up in Kuala Lumpur. After attending university in Bristol, he settled in London where he wrote a series of screenplays for indie films, including the award winning time-travel short Vincent, and transmedia experiences for Chaos Created including Timedancer and Zombies Ate My City.

He has spent time as a digital strategist and writer with Chaos Created, Blacklight Transmedia (now Imperative Entertainment) in Los Angeles as well as Part & Sum, Fountainhead Transmedia and Campfire in New York.

  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Website: Link

    Kai Davenport


    Kai has worked as a developer since 1998, developing software for a variety of companies around the world.  He also runs his own database company, developing bespoke solutions.  Since 2005, Kai has been working as a developer of educational software and has created systems for organising and running educational content.

    • Location: Bristol, UK

    Stuart Hunnable


    Stuart graduated from the North Oxfordshire College & School of Art, in the UK, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and Illustration and went on to produce work for Avalon Studios where he designed and animated interactives and web-based games for a number of high-profile creative properties, including Alice in Wonderland, Huntley and Palmer Biscuits, and the BBC’s acclaimed Walking with series.

    In 2007 Stuart established Pencilwood Studios working with well established names in education, including the award-winning publisher Shoo Fly and TES. Stuart extended his work into apps and games, providing game components for Apps in my Pocket and Playtend, and joined the Chaos Created team, working on Zombies ate my City and Langeroo.

    Alexandru Nechifor


    • Location: Bristol, UK
    • Website: Link

      Dave Brain

      Video and Special FX

      Dave Brain is an award winning film maker specialising in post production. He currently lives in Bristol.

      Dave has worked as an editor for Aardman Animations and has recently worked as a Production Assistant on Ricky Gervais’s new series ‘Flanimals’.

      Dave also set up Guksack Productions, a small comedy collective that produce short films and sketches. Clients have included Channel 4, MTV and Hat Trick. As Guksack he has performed for audiences all over the country at various comedy venues.

      • Location: Bristol, UK

      Andrea Possee


      Andrea was classically trained at the University of Glasgow in composition, and has also gained a Masters in composing for TV and Film.

      Andrea has scored feature films, including The Devil’s Rock. She has had short films played in Cannes Film Festival Shorts corner and Night of the Hell Hamsters went on to win awards all over the world, including nominations for Best Score. Andrea’s music has appeared in TV shows including Keeping up with the Kardashians, Come Dine with Me, and Tales of Northumberland with Robson Green.

      In 2011 Andrea was one of eight composers chosen for the inaugural Composers Lab at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

      • Location: London, UK
      • Website: Link

        Owain Davies

        Educational Software Designer

        Owain Davies (B.Ed) is a former Assistant Head Teacher. He has experience in both state and private education and considerable business experience. He is a joint-owner of Tutor Planet and UK2U Education.

        • Location: Llanelli, UK

          Cindy Davies

          Educational Software Designer

          Cindy Davies has vast experience in both state and private education and substantial business management experience. She is a joint-owner of Tutor Planet and UK2U Education.

          • Location: Llanelli, UK