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Installing GameMaker Studio in Schools

For our Coding Games Workshops for Secondary Schools, we offer GameMaker Studio workshops as an option.

If you would like to use GameMaker Studio, please follow the steps below.

Installing GameMaker Studio for Education #

Step 1: Create an Account #

Register for a GameMaker account. This is the first step to gain access to the educational resources.

Step 2: Apply for an Educator License #

Complete the contact form to apply for a GameMaker Educator License. This license is free for educational use and includes all export options.

Step 3: Await Approval #

After submitting the form, wait for GameMaker to process your application.

Step 4: Download and Install #

Once approved, download GameMaker Studio and install it on the school computers.

You can find additional information about this process here, on the GameMaker Studio for Education website.

GameMaker Studio Accounts and Managing Students #

When setting up GameMaker Studio for educational use, it’s important to consider how accounts will be managed:

School Account: It is recommended that the teacher/educator creates a single GameMaker account, ideally using a shared email address such as licensing@yourschool.com). This approach ensures that the account can be managed centrally and is not tied to a single individual, making it easier to transfer account management if necessary.

Educator License: The email used to create the school’s GameMaker account will be linked to the Educator License.

Student Access: Students do not need to create individual accounts. Instead, they will use ‘seat’ logins, which are managed by the educator through the school’s GameMaker account. This means that students can log in and use GameMaker Studio on any computer without needing a personal account.

This setup ensures that the school maintains control over the GameMaker Studio licenses and provides a seamless experience for students, who can access the software from any school computer without the need for individual accounts. It also simplifies the process for educators, as they can manage all licenses and seats through a single account.

Additional Support #

You can find additional help on how to download and install GameMaker Studio, and how to manage your educational account, on the GameMaker Studio support site for Education.