Langeroo Adventures

Langeroo Adventures

We’re excited to announce that development has begun on Langeroo Adventures, a cross-platform suite of educational games, launching later this year on Windows 10, Android, iOS, and Xbox.

Langeroo Adventures sets players down on an exciting island, ripe for exploration.

Around the island are a dozen animals, each one having a different challenge for children to complete. Each challenge is a fun, engaging, educational game, designed to teach English as a first or second language.

Completing the mini-games are a lot of fun, and will use touch, gestures, and voice controls, giving the child an engaging experience.

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Developer Diaries and News

Langeroo Adventures launches Worldwide on Windows, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire!

August 2, 2017

We're excited to announce the worldwide release of Langeroo Adventures on Windows 10, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire! After a limited launch earlier in the year, version 2.0.5 is rolling out today adding more regions to our Windows 10 and Android releases, and launching on iOS and Kindle Fire too! Get down to Langeroo Island today and meet the amazing animals living on the island and help them to complete their adventures in a series of games and challenges, designed for young children. Langeroo Adventures contains reading, spelling, alphabet and number challenges, designed for young children to learn English as...

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Langeroo Adventures Development Diaries 7: Monkeys!

September 21, 2016

Monkey Bay is one many games coming to Langeroo Adventures which is designed to teach a particular topic. Many of our games, such as Tortoise Beach and our hangman-style Crab Waterfall game, can be played with any of our 25+ topics. Monkey Bay, however, is designed to teach Face and Body words. It's a really simple game for children to get to grips with. They see (and hear) the name of a Face or Body part, and they have to drag a Star Sticker to the correct place on our monkey. For face words (such as ear, or mouth), we zoom in...

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Langeroo Adventures Development Diaries 6: Tortoises!

September 1, 2016

We've been busy this week working on the third game for Langeroo Adventures, whilst also working on some of the underlying mechanics for the suite of mini-games (more on this in an upcoming post). Tortoise Beach is a really delightful game. This game is one of several games that can be played with words from 26 unique topics so you, as a parent or teacher, can focus on a particular set of words. The flow of the game is simple. When you start the game, three tortoises walk onto the screen, settle down for a nap and begin to dream....

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Langeroo Adventures Development Diaries 5: Oysters, Crabs, Sounds, and Xbox!

August 17, 2016

It’s been a really busy ten months or so for us. We've been expanding and running our Coding Workshops for Schools and working on some really cool commissioned projects which will see the light of day next month. But we're now back working on our own in-house projects for a little while. We're working hard to get Langeroo Adventures ready for release late next month. Langeroo Adventures, which is coming to Windows 10, iOS, and Android, is being coded in C#, using the Unity engine. A lot has changed in the 10 months or so that we've been working on other projects. I took some...

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Langeroo Adventures Development Diaries 4: The Map

September 4, 2015

With Langeroo Adventures, we want our home screen to invite exploration. It needs to be bright, and visual, and it needs to showcase the available games in a way that is intuitive to children and adults alike. The style for our home screen is inspired by theme park maps. When you look at the maps they hand out to visitors at theme parks, you see a map that is bright and colourful, with a visual representation of the rides and attractions that gives a flavour of what to expect from each area of the park. They're fun, exciting, and also highly informative. With our map, we have included the...

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