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In the summer of 2022, Chaos Created recorded, produced and edited a four-part podcast series, Hidden Hate, for the Centre for Hate Studies at the University of Leicester.

Over four episodes, expert criminologists Neil Chakraborti and Amy Clarke explored difficult and topical questions about the causes and solutions associated with online and offline hate. Each episode featured special guests, including practitioners, activists and academics, who shared their expertise and experiences.

Last month, the Centre for Hate Studies released its new film, Revisiting the Harms of Hate.

At the premiere of the film, which took place at the Phoenix, Leicester, Neil and Amy recorded a special, live episode of Hidden Hate, which we are privileged to have produced and edited, and it is now available across podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Audible.

In this live podcast episode, Neil and Amy are joined by the CEOs of Stop Hate UK, Rose Simkins, and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, Alison Vincent. They try and seek to make sense of the alarming rise in hate crime over the past decade, and highlight some of the critical challenges facing organisations who tackle hate in a climate of political toxicity and widespread indifference.

It’s a really powerful episode, and we are honoured to be a part of this series, which helps to shed light on some of these invisible issues.

You can listen to the episode now at https://hiddenhatepodcast.com/5-live-phoenix-leicester/ or subscribe to Hidden Hate on your podcast platform of choice.

Thanks to Les and the incredible Phoenix team for their help recording the event.