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TeenTech Awards Final – Virtual Ceremonies 2020 and 2021

The TeenTech Awards Final (Virtual Ceremony) 2021

Chaos Created was proud to produce and edit the virtual TeenTech Awards Finals in 2020 and 2021, celebrating young people’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit across the UK.

The TeenTech Awards is an annual competition that showcases exciting and innovative ideas from young people, making life better, safer, simpler or more fun using science, technology and engineering.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing the event to go virtual in 2020 and 2021, Chaos Created was tasked with producing a high-quality and engaging online experience for the student finalists, teachers, parents, judges, and presenters.

Our team worked very closely with TeenTech to bring their vision to life, creating seamless and engaging virtual ceremonies incorporating student hosts, celebrity guests, project videos, reactions from family and friends, and the announcements of winning projects.

We also produced a live “aftershow” each year, with a panel of celebrities from the world of science and technology, celebrating the hard work of the students and the dedication and support from their teachers, parents and carers. These shows featured live questions and comments from the finalists, friends, parents and teachers.

These events were highly-produced and designed to replicate the energy and excitement of an in-person ceremony. We worked tirelessly to edit the content to showcase every participating team and guest in the best possible light. We used cutting-edge editing techniques to create a polished and professional ceremony, and we worked closely with TeenTech to ensure that the virtual ceremony reflected their ethos and sense of fun.

The virtual TeenTech Awards Finals in 2020 and 2021 were a huge success, with thousands of young people, parents, teachers, judges, and guests tuning in from around the UK and beyond. The online approach allowed a broader audience to attend the event and for parents, carers and friends to participate in a way that isn’t possible at a physical final. In 2021, some schools even set up live viewing parties, watching the final from their school hall.

Chaos Created is proud to have been a part of the TeenTech Awards Final 2020 and 2021, and we are excited to continue our work with TeenTech in the future.

With the return to an in-person TeenTech Awards Final in 2022, we worked hard with TeenTech to bring our learnings forward, incorporating some of the advantages of a virtual final into a hybrid event.

The 2022 final took place at the IET in London, and we ran a live and interactive blog, updated continuously with video interviews with the teams (filmed, edited and produced at speed), reactions on social media, project category videos, and winner announcements. The live blog allowed teachers, friends and parents to “be there” virtually while facilitating the excitement and networking opportunities for the students that only an in-person event can allow. We are excited to continue this approach at the TeenTech Awards Final in 2023.

Watch the 2020 TeenTech Awards Final here, and the TeenTech Awards 2021 Final here.


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August 1, 2022