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AstroAgency’s SpaceBar

Space is an exciting and dynamic sector that is constantly evolving and expanding. But staying connected and informed about the latest developments, innovations, and opportunities is a challenge. There is also a lack of opportunities to network with other space enthusiasts and experts and for entrepreneurs with innovative space business ideas to gain exposure and feedback from industry experts.

AstroAgency’s SpaceBar, a monthly YouTube show that brings the space community together, is helping tackle these challenges in a fun and interactive format.

SpaceBar was established at the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. AstroAgency, a strategic marketing firm dedicated exclusively to the commercial space sector, stepped up to provide the thriving UK space community with an accessible networking and knowledge-sharing forum. As ‘in-person’ industry events were cancelled and virtual replacements adopted “listen-in” formats, SpaceBar offered an informal, interactive alternative, which has since hosted some of the biggest names – and brains – from the sector.

Since its launch in April 2020, AstroAgency’s SpaceBar has received award nominations and started its own merchandise line, with proceeds going to geospatial charity OceanMind.

For three years, SpaceBar was held as a monthly Zoom event. As the audience grew, AstroAgency wanted to reimagine and relaunch SpaceBar as a more dynamic monthly show that would be broadcast on YouTube, therefore becoming more accessible and expanding SpaceBar’s reach whilst retaining the interactivity and networking potential that SpaceBar was known for.

AstroAgency turned to us at Chaos Created, a creative agency specialising in live video production focusing on live, interactive events.

The new format SpaceBar launched on YouTube Live in August of 2023, with one of its largest audiences to date. The new show continues to be hosted by Dallas Campbell, a TV presenter and science communicator who has appeared on shows such as The Gadget Show, Bang Goes the Theory and Stargazing Live, and Professor Suzie Imber, Associate Professor of Planetary Science at the University of Leicester and the winner of the BBC series Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes? They bring their expertise and knowledge to the show, interviewing fantastic, high-profile guests.

The new SpaceBar takes full advantage of YouTube’s live chat feature for networking and audience questions for the experts. Episodes cover various space topics, including AI and robotics, UK rocket launches, sustainable space, educational outreach and more. SpaceBar also has two regular segments: Space News, where Vix Southgate and Torsten Kriening recap the latest headlines and developments in the space sector and provide context on the month’s big stories, and Startup Spotlight, where space startups can pitch their business idea to a panel of experts, led by Dr Andy Campbell, and get feedback, advice and exposure. Each episode is followed by an After Party, which takes place on Zoom and provides additional content and an opportunity for viewers to discuss the episode and network.

SpaceBar is a fun and informative event for the space community and a showcase of the capabilities and expertise of AstroAgency and Chaos Created.

Click here to read more about this project and how Chaos Created works with AstroAgency on this monthly, live and interactive show!


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March 22, 2024