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Alfred Bekker API specialises in designing and manufacturing vehicle adaptions and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. They have provided mobility solutions for over 40 years and have a reputation for quality and innovation.

We at Chaos Created were delighted to work with them on their new Alfred Bekker Adapations portal, which sits alongside their main website (which we also designed and developed) and provides helpful information and resources for their customers.

The main challenge of this project was to create a website that was accessible, user-friendly, responsive and modern while also displaying detailed information and reflecting the brand identity and values of Alfred Bekker. We wanted to ensure the website was easy to navigate, find information, and highlight the features and benefits of their adaptions.

The Alfred Bekker Adaptions portal provides an A-Z of vehicles that Alfred Bekker API has designed adaptions for and can be navigated by the vehicle manufacturer, drilling down to the vehicle model. Or the site can be easily searched by vehicle make and model.

The portal also includes helpful downloads, guides and links to support customers on their adaptions journey. We used a customised downloads system to organise the vehicles by brand, model and year and display relevant information such as images, videos, brochures and instructions.

We also ensured the website was optimised for speed, performance and SEO. We used various tools and techniques to compress images, minify code, cache files and improve loading times. We also followed best practices for web accessibility, such as using proper headings, labels, alt texts, contrast ratios and keyboard navigation.

The result is a website that we are proud of and one that meets the needs and expectations of Alfred Bekker and their customers. The website is responsive, accessible, informative and engaging, showcasing the quality and innovation of their products and services.

You can visit the new Alfred Bekker Adaptions portal at https://alfredbekkeradaptions.com or visit their main site at https://alfredbekker.com.