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We’re delighted to launch the new website for Central Bristol Children’s Centres, designed and developed by Chaos Created.

This new site is designed to become a destination site for parents and carers taking advantage of the wonderful facilities and numerous groups and activities that take place over the nine sites in the Central Bristol area.

CBCC already had a strong Facebook presence, so one of the key developments was integrating this into the website. From the homepage, parents and carers can browse the social media posts from CBCC, and even like and comment from within the website itself. The rest of the site is designed to be informative, easy to navigate, and responsible to mobile and tablets too.

The Central Bristol area has a diverse population, so built-in translation was high on the list. Up until this point, the team would manually translate materials, whilst the new site can translate from the original source, in real-time (using Google Translate APIs), and the site remembers the user’s preferences between sessions too.

We’re delighted the site is live, and we’re looking forward to helping the CBCC team grow with weekly updates to the site.