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We’ve just released an update to the iOS version of Pancake Panic to bring feature parity with the Windows 10, Android, and Kindle Fire versions of the game!

Available on iPhone and iPad, the latest update includes the following changes:

  • UI improvements to better scale to high res screens including newer iPad models!
  • You can now see how long you have left on each power-up allowing you to time your movements, and your banks, better!
  • NEW POWER-UP! The new silver strawberry banks any pancake it touches as it falls!
  • POWER-UP UPDATE! Super sized pancakes are now worth double points!

These features are already available on Windows 10 (5.9), Android (3.7), and Kindle Fire (3.7). Version 5.9 is rolling out to iOS devices right now.

Pancake Panic is a game we made in a week to help teach pupils how to code. For the last year or so, we’ve been travelling all over the UK running workshops in primary and secondary schools. Pupils from schools all over the UK have contributed code to this game, and it’s been so much fun making a game this way. For more information about our coding workshops, click here.

We’re getting ready to run a ton of new Coding Workshops over the coming months, so expect to see new power-ups and improvements to Pancake Panic very soon!


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