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Chaos Created is pleased to announce the launch of Maggie Philbin’s brand new website, which we’ve been working on this month.

Maggie’s previous website was more of a personal blog, with links to her biography and showreel (in Maggie’s own words, “the design of which was looking very creaky”).

As part of the redesign, Maggie wanted to refocus the site to concentrate on her television career, and her work as CEO of TeenTech.

You can see the transformation below…



We’ve been working with Maggie for a couple of years. Ali runs the Innovation Zone at TeenTech events alongside Liz Rice, and we designed the new TeenTech website and the City of Tomorrow website for TeenTech. We wanted Maggie’s new site to capture her personality as well as showcasing her work in television as a science and technology reporter, her role as CEO of TeenTech, and her work as an advocate for diversity across science, engineering and technology.

At each TeenTech event, Maggie works with 300+ teenagers, as well as businesses and industry leaders. She’s always warm and approachable, and makes technology accessible to everyone. We’ve captured this on Maggie’s new site by combining photography (which shows Maggie in her different roles), a strong and clean typeface (which is modern and professional, but also has a ton of character), a striking logo (which is a play on the main font, but again, shows more personality), as well as a warm and modern colour scheme. The main accent colour was personally picked by Maggie and we developed the complimentary colour scheme around it.

We’re really happy with the new design, and the new functionality of the site which allows Maggie to showcase her breadth of work in a very visual way, as well as a responsive design which scales across devices.

The site has launched today, and you can visit it at maggiephilbin.com.