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With Langeroo Adventures, we want our home screen to invite exploration. It needs to be bright, and visual, and it needs to showcase the available games in a way that is intuitive to children and adults alike.

The style for our home screen is inspired by theme park maps. When you look at the maps they hand out to visitors at theme parks, you see a map that is bright and colourful, with a visual representation of the rides and attractions that gives a flavour of what to expect from each area of the park. They’re fun, exciting, and also highly informative.


With our map, we have included the animal from each of their games. They are shown in an area that represents their level and their surroundings.

We want the home screen to visually represent the child’s progress too, which is why you can see, at a glance, how the child is progressing through the game. In Langeroo Adventures, we are using a sewn badge – the kind of badge you might earn from a club or summer camp – which is awarded to the child on completion of a game, along with a star rating that indicates their achievements.

We show all these badges, visually, on the map. Clicking on these badges allows the child (or parent/teacher) to launch the games. They can jump in, read (and hear) a description of the game, and then launch the game, or return to the home screen.


It was also important to us that the map feels alive. Alex, our artist, has created a map where waves crash, and waterfalls flow. The animals themselves feel alive. They blink, they move, they strike poses… They invite interactions from the player.

All in all, we wanted a home screen that forms a great launching point for our games. It needs to be visually exciting, it needs to showcase the games, and also showcase the child’s progress to encourage them to play and learn, and enjoy their adventure.

We can’t wait for you to try Langeroo Adventures. It will be launching this October on Windows, Android, and iOS.