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AlfredBekker1Chaos Created is pleased to announce the launch the new Alfred Bekker web site at http://alfredbekker.com.

Alfred Bekker previously had two web separate sites – a site with corporate information and guides, and a separate online store.

Chaos Created worked on building Alfred Bekker a new web site, from the ground up, with an integrated store, introducing a new responsive design which scales between computers, tablets, and phones.

The online store spans the entire site, and allows users to navigate between the store, and useful information such as Buyers Guides, without losing any products they have added to their basket. We’ve also integrated a wish list and a comparison tool, allowing potential customers to compare multiple items.

Equally as important has been making the site accessible to customers, with large and clear fonts, simple navigation, and allowing the site to scale between devices.

You can visit the new site at http://alfredbekker.com. For more information about our web design services, please click here.