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Our mission to create a game in a week is on! We are attempting to develop and release a new mobile game in just seven days. You can read all about what we’re doing, and why on this blog post, or view all the development diaries here.

Today we made a ton of progress, both with artwork and with gameplay logic.

Alex has been working on the facial expressions for our main character. He’s now working on the background, and the power-ups, as well as the pancakes. I’m delighted with the results here, and I think this gives us a great character for our game and he’ll be able to respond to the environment as well as the player’s actions.

Pancake panic face expressions

In the meantime, I’ve started coding up the game logic. Yesterday, I coded up the character’s movement and set up his tray (for catching the falling pancakes). Today I’ve been fine-tuning his motion, and tweaking the physics, and I’ve coded up the creation of the pancakes. I’m using placeholder graphics at the moment, but you can see how the pancakes fall, with a slight bounce, and how they realistically stack.

The idea here being that the player, once they have began stacking pancakes, needs to be very careful when making a sudden move to try and catch another. They also need to be careful to make sure they are stacking the pancakes in a way that makes sense to avoid a toppling stack.

The next step was to “kill” the pancakes if they hit the floor (we will have a splatted animation here to drop in later) and to have the pancakes appear slightly more randomly, both in their position, and their falling speed.

The next job will be to code the power-ups, which I will be doing on Monday.

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