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Last year, we travelled all over the UK running App and Games Development Workshops with Liz Rice from Tank Top TV, for TeenTech. We loved being part of the TeenTech family last year, and working with almost 3000 UK teenagers!

Our first TeenTech event for 2015 is confirmed, and we’re off to Galway in Ireland!

TeenTech Galway will run for the first time on April 17th 2015 in partnership with Galway Science & Technology Forum. The event will be held at the National University of Ireland in the heart of Galway City and will bring students from 30 schools together for an exciting day of challenges and experiments to showcase local, national and international opportunities in science and technology.

TeenTech runs lively one-day events to help young teenagers see the wide range of career possibilities in Science, Engineering and Technology. TeenTech is an award winning, industry-led initiative, founded in 2008 by Maggie Philbin and Chris Dodson to help the “X Factor” generation understand their true potential and the real opportunities available in the contemporary STEM workplace.

At each TeenTech event, 300 pupils from 30 different schools benefit from hands-on exhibits and challenges run by leading organisations.  TeenTech works collaboratively with Education Business Partnerships, companies, Universities and business organisations to create these very special experiences for young people.

Ali Maggs, from Chaos Created, and Liz Rice, from TankTop TV, run the Innovation Zone at these events. We give a presentation about app and games development, sharing our experience, insights, and technical knowledge, and then workshop the pupils’ own app and games ideas, developing their ideas in small groups during the session.

Find out more about the event over on the TeenTech site.