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Alfie and Molly, our two adventurers.

Alfie and Molly, our two adventurers.

Meet Alfie and Molly, the two lead characters in Bad Day for a Balloon Ride.

Stowing away on their father’s latest invention, a hot-air balloon with an experimental power source, Alfie and Molly soon find themselves in trouble. Teleporting their way through time and space, they need to stay afloat long enough to find their way home.

The adventure these characters will go on is epic, navigating through time and space – from the Jurassic period, through to futuristic worlds, underwater caverns, and pirate-infested waters.

We wanted two characters who are brave, and inquisitive.

Although Bad Day for a Balloon Ride isn’t a story-heavy game, we wanted a couple of characters that our players would want to help.

We’ll be developing them further, and you’ll see them grow into their final forms over the course of development. These guys are the human element to the game, and we hope you’ll love them!