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MathsAssessmentQuestionBanks2Our second batch of Maths Assessment Question Banks has gone live on the TES iboard web site, completing our work on KS1 assessment games.

We have created creating twenty-two activities, covering Key Stage 1. The new topics include Multiplication, Data Handling, Measuring, Counting and Place Value, Knowing and Using Number, and more.

Each pack is designed to help with start point or end point assessment. They contain differentiated question banks for different learning objectives. The lead activity in each pack, coded by Chaos Created, is a mixed pack of questions suitable for interactive whiteboards or individual use.

Printable versions are included that are ideal for annotation if a pupil is being observed using the interactive version.

You can find the complete collection of the Maths Assessment Question Banks at http://www.iboard.co.uk/teaching-tools/tool/ks1-maths-sats-pack.

We are currently working on KS2 Maths Assessment Question Banks which will roll out in the coming weeks.