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Chaos Created visited The Woodside Primary Academy in London this week, delivering an “App in a Day” workshop.

The first session of the day was spent talking about app development and introducing what an app can be. We talked about the capabilities of a modern phone or tablet, and took some of the pupil’s favourite apps and discussed how they worked, and how they were put together.

The second session was a technical session. We broke down some of the key elements of coding – introducing functions, animations, loops and some basic code. The pupils took to this session well, and we worked together to grasp the basic programming concepts in understandable terms.

The afternoon session was spent collaborating on a game. We developed, with the pupils, the “Monster Buster featuring the Woodside Warriors” game for Android tablets, and the web. We split the group into coders, musicians and artists, and managed to put together a basic first level in the two-hour session.

The pupils had a great day, and we’ve given our contact details should any of the pupils wish to follow a career in app development. We hope to return to the school again, as the group were so imaginative and creative, with a real passion for apps and games.