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Chaos Created has developed seven number bond activities for TES i-board’s new topic pack.

Number Bonds – you could call them the foundation of arithmetics. Get them sorted and you’re more likely to succeed with more complicated calculations later on…

However, some pupils can struggle with the concept of adding digits – that’s why the focus of our latest maths pack goes back to basics and concentrates on pictorial representation of pairs of numbers, using blocks made of cubes to show the ‘part-part-whole’ relationship.

Chaos Created developed all of the interactive resources in the topic, and the topic comes with follow-on printables, for pupils to practise finding, matching and recording number pairs, to make the useful totals of 10, 15 and 20. The resources give children a visual reference when combining two amounts to make a target total – ideal alongside practical table-top work.

Check out the topic pack, online, on the TES iboard web site.