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With Shrove Tuesday coming up this week, we’ve created an educational activity for TES iboard for use in the classroom.

Pancake Day Games

Perfect Pancake Investigation lets pupils experiment with pancake ingredients to create the perfect pancake recipe. Combine milk, eggs and flour and work out the correct ratio of ingredients. Can your pupils make 5 perfect pancakes? Then how about 10? Or 15?

The activity joins TES iboard’s other Pancake Day activities and resources, including a pancake-making sequencer and some measure and capacity games.

From the TES site:

Ideal for resourcing a mini, day-long topic on ‘pancakes’, this pack contains a mixture of literacy and numeracy opportunities.

The pack is led with an instruction writing activity and this is accompanied by a sequencing activity and supporting document. Further resources offer an investigation into the perfect mix, along with recording sheets for best recipes. Finally, several resources are for extension work on measure and proportion.

The pack is available as part of the iboard+ subscription on the TES iboard site.