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Boogie Mites On LaptopOur first collaboration with Boogie Mites, a UK company specialising in original music and movement products, and workshops for Early Years children, has arrived on the Windows 8 store.

Boogie Mites Animal Songs is a collection of songs with supporting videos and activities, designed for parents to use with their children. The app comes with three free songs complete with lyrics, videos and activities, with six further songs available within the app.

Each song includes the original Boogie Mites composition, videos and lyrics and many include activities with supporting videos and templates.

Boogie Mites songs have been created to captivate and stimulate pre-school children. The included videos suggest explorative play, movement and interactions to help get the children (and parents) involved with the song and to promote creativity.

The songs in the Animal Songs app include Little Ducky, Let’s Tap a Word, Jungles of Brazil, Dythinkhesaurus and I was in the Garden.

You can read more about the app here and download the app, for free, from the Windows Store.





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