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We’re two thirds of the way through our Zombies Ate My City film shoot in London, and it’s been a blast!

Saturday kicked off with an onslaught of zombies as we filmed some humorous cut scenes for the app…  We’re got zombies playing football, zombies going for a run, zombies trying to have a picnic and all sorts of randomness…  Basically zombies attempting to be human beings, but failing pretty miserably.

Our zombies were pretty scary looking.  When the app hits, look for amazing zombie acting from the BBC Click presenters who came down to film us, and even a special cameo from a member of the Windows Phone Community Team at Microsoft!  Thanks to everyone who came down and took part.  We had an awesome day with our undead.

Today (Sunday) was spent with our lead actor, Graham Vick, playing the younger version of his character (our crazy professor).  Once you’ve completed a mission within the app, you’ll be rewarded with one of the professor’s tip videos that he filmed when learning about zombies many years ago.  These tip videos were shot with four young superstars playing cute but deadly child zombies.

Tomorrow (Monday) will be spent filming the desperate and much older professor’s mission videos.  These videos will guide the player through the game, setting objectives, tasks and revealing some of the mythology behind the zombie invasion.

Zombies Ate My City will be combining video, gameplay and location based check-ins to create a really unique experience.  It’ll be arriving on Windows Phones this Christmas.