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We were lucky enough to be asked to talk about our work on Timedancer with the amazing Windows Phone Dev Podcast team this week.

If you’ve never listened before, the WPDP is a podcast that focuses on the wonderful work developers, worldwide, are doing with the Windows Phone platform.  It’s hosted by Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk, developers themselves, and they always manage to strike the right balance of news, features and interviews, with a lean towards what it means for developers on the platform.

Yesterday, we recorded an interview about Timedancer for Episode 26 (“Birds and Mushrooms”), focusing on the development angle.  We talked about the logistics of working on an app that is run like a television show, we spoke about the projects origins back in 2004/2005 with an experimental crime solving experience on the Windows Portable Media Platform, we discussed how the Timedancer project drifted between platforms and why Windows Phone has been the perfect fit for us and, of course, we spoke about helicopters jumping through time.

You can download the episode, or stream it, from the Windows Phone Dev Podcast site.