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Kapow_Stg3Chaos Created is pleased to announce that Timedancer will be featured at the first ever Kapow! Comic Con in London this coming April.

Featuring guests from TV shows such as Dexter, Misfits, True Blood, Skins, Being Human and The Walking Dead, along with special guests such, Kapow Comic Con, the event should be a brilliant exhibition for all types of content from the world of comic books, television and movies.

Chaos Created will be showcasing Timedancer Episode 2, the forthcoming interactive sci-fi video app for Windows Phone 7. Episode 1 was released late last year, and we’ve been hard at work making episode 2 bigger, better and more challenging than ever. Inspired by such shows as Lost, The X-Files and Fringe, Timedancer is a perfect fit for Kapow! Comic Con, and we’ll be there showing off the latest episode with a playable demo. We’ll also be making a couple of exciting announcements about the series.

Timedancer blends live action video with exploration and puzzle solving to tell a science fiction story through episodic content.

The Kapow! Comic Con event runs from 9th-10th April 2011 at the London Business Design Centre, 52 Upper St, Islington, London, N1 0QH. Tickets are available for £15.30 (or £25.50 for a weekend pass) from Iris Tickets.

Creators Arivind Abraham and Ali Maggs will be there, in the Timedancer booth, from Chaos Created, along with a couple of the actors and crew members from the series (to be confirmed nearer the time).

We’re genuinely very excited about the opportunity to get out there and show off what we’ve been working on. If you’re there, please come and say hello and check out Timedancer for Windows Phone 7.

To learn more about Timedancer, please check out the web site and follow us on Facebook.