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By Arivind Abraham – Writer/Co-Creator

Tomorrow we tell the story of Adam. Adam, codename Alpha, the first Timedancer. A man of honour, a military man who never quite fit back into civvie life. A man who takes up an opportunity offered to him only to be thrown out in the street when his health begins to deteriorate.

A man who gave up the love of his life.

Adam is the tender heart of Timedancer. It is through him that I try to tell the story of men who are often thought to be cold people, who in fact hide away their insecurities and fears for a greater good.

Episode 2 is being told on a grander canvas than E01. In Episode 1 we introduced the ensemble in snippets, photographs of moments they all share in time. In this episode we give the audience a chance to connect, to find an emotional hook to start latching onto in the show.

We have a stellar team on this episode, and despite some hiccups, Ali & I are excited about tomorrow. We can’t wait to see the world we have created further come to life and we hope that you all enjoy Episode 2 as much as we know we will making it.

Vestri amicus in vicis.

Arivind Abraham