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We went live last week with a whole bunch of new Geography games for i-board.  These activities are designed for use in Year 1, but are useful for Reception and Year 2 as well.

Activity Pictogram
Follow up a survey by recording favourite leisure activities as a pictogram.

Activity Survey
Make a printable survey. Type a title and choose icons, or type a title, for each choice.

Fix Up The Park
Be kind to the environment…what changes can you make to improve this place? How can you stop your local place getting nasty!

Going To School, I See…
On your way to school, what do you see? Tell a simple tale of a journey by using the items in the menu at the bottom of the screen to make a rolling scene.

Who works near where you live? Dress the workers outside their place of work or shop.

What Is Nice
What do you think of this place? Drag the happy or sad faces to label the scene.

To check them out, take a look at http://www.iboard.co.uk and sign up.  Or, take a look at http://sample.iboard.co.uk/ for a sample selection of i-board resources.