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We ended up with an interesting little side project last weekend whilst cutting together a feature film we’re currently editing. 

Coldplay have launched a competition, inviting individuals and amateur film makers to create a music video for the acoustic version of “Lost?” from their latest album.

Rather ironically, it was the song that Arivind Abraham, the director, wanted to use over the final sequence of the film.  Whilst looking up details regarding the rights to using the song, he came across the competition.  So, last weekend, as we laid down the final scenes in the rough cut of the film, we cut together a music video as our entry.  It works (scarily) well.  It’s basically the final scene from the movie, cut back by about a minute, and edited to fit the timing and pace of the track better and it’s beautiful.  Editing it together, it was near magical just how well the song fits the content and context of the sequence and it seems to work out of context just as well.

You can watch it below.  If you like it, please feel free to rate it, and add it to your favourites.  And hopefully, it’ll do well against the competition.  Incidentally, I get the feeling that maybe somebody is trying to rig the competition seeing as all the “finalists” appear to have one star but, apparently, it’s the band themselves that will have the final say.


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