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Chaos Created is pleased to announce that it is publishing The Magic School, an i-board educational product which is already successful in the education sector and that it is now available for home users through its digital store at https://chaoscreated.com.

The Magic School is a remarkable new series for the home market, already a success in schools, nurseries and preschools, that places your child at the heart of the action using digital images making it a truly child-centred learning experience. Combining open-ended activities and interactive adventures the Magic School is rooted in Early Years’ good practice.

We are announcing, today, the commercial availability of the Starter Room for home users, with two more rooms to follow before Christmas – the Sand and Water Room and The Music Room. These rooms add on to the Starter room – to visit the new rooms, you simply click on the map!

In The Starter Room, you can:

Superimpose your own face onto the characters so you can take part. Make cartoon friends to play with.

Play the driving activity – design a road map so that you and your friends can drive a car around it – don’t crash!

Decorate the room using the easel – when you finish your pattern or picture you can frame it on the wall.

Choose books from the bookshelf – listen and read along to a favourite rhyme – then make your own version.

Construct buildings and vehicles using the building block activity – what colours and shapes are you going to use?

Look after the class plant – how many flowers can you grow?

About i-board and Electronic Blackboard Ltd.
Electronic Blackboard produces focused cross-curricular interactive activities for teacher-led whiteboard teaching and for guided pupil use. Featuring a range of products targeted at pupils from a nursery school age, up to year 2, i-board is a critically acclaimed product found in schools throughout the UK.

Schools and nurseries should contact Electronic Blackboard through their web site at http://www.iboard.co.uk for site licenses and educational licenses.

About Chaos Created
Chaos Created is a media production group creating software for the PC market along with cutting edge web sites and film. Chaos was the runner up in the HP Award for Media Design in 2005 for its Melloweh demonstration and, since late 2005, Alastair Maggs of Chaos has been working for Electronic Blackboard Ltd developing an educational subscription service providing interactive applications for its i-board product.

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The Magic School is now available from our download store at https://chaoscreated.com/shop