Friday, February 15, 2008
  Climate Change Project

Chaos is working for Electronic Blackboard on a project exploring the effects of climate change.

The project, developed for primary school children, features three games, as well as a narrated story. The games explore how children can have an effect on our planet and explores the effects of transportation and the use of electricity. Chaos has developed one of the three games for use within the project.

In one game, developed by Chaos, children can decide by simple drag-and-drop how a street of children travel to school and how much fuel they can save by doing things such as car sharing, or cycling.

This project, developed for Electronic Blackboard Ltd has been commissioned for use within primary schools in the UK and is due for completion in February 2008.

View the project page here.

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Friday, February 1, 2008
  Two New Films Enter Preproduction

Chaos Created will be editing on two films in early 2008.
The films are being shot back to back by Perantauan Pictures in Malaysia and the material will be edited in the UK by Chaos Created/Befour.

More details will follow shortly, but we've already cut the teaser trailer for one of these films.

Keep an eye on the blog for up to the minute information.

About Chaos Created
Chaos Created is an all-in-one media group creating software for the PC market along with cutting edge web sites and film. Chaos was the runner up in the HP Award for Media Design in 2005 for its Melloweh demonstration and, since late 2005, Alastair Maggs of Chaos has been working for Electronic Blackboard Ltd developing an educational subscription service providing interactive applications for its i-board product.

About Perantauan
Perantauan Pictures are responsible for S'kali, released in 2006, which looked at relationships between the different class and racial mixes in Malaysia. The film received a theatrical release in Malaysia, with limited international screenings. Perantauan Pictures have two films green-lit for 2008.

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  EJ Rocks Launches

Chaos Created is happy to announce to launch of EJ Rocks, a website created for a fashion designer and store (Rhoda Rocks) based out of Clifton Village, Bristol.

The website is one of a few new websites created by Chaos which are due for launch in February, 2008, and features rich flash design coupled with an online store.
For details of our packages, please visit our web section.

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