Windows 8 and Windows Phone Apps and Games

Bring your apps to Windows 8 and Windows Phone

LangerooOnTabletChaos Created can bring your ideas to life and reach millions of new customers through Windows Phone and Windows 8.

We work with our clients to port existing apps from iOS and Android to Windows 8 and to Windows Phone as well as developing brand new apps from scratch.

Windows 8 offers the single largest potential market for your apps. An estimated 350-400 million PCs are forecast to be sold in 2013 (source) and Windows 8, with the Windows Store, makes it simple for millions of customers around the world to find, try, and purchase your apps.

Windows Phone 8 is also growing in popularity with 4 times as many devices sold in November 2012 than were sold in November 2011 (source), promoted by critically acclaimed new devices from Nokia, HTC and Samsung.

We can develop apps and games for either or both platforms for our clients.


LangerooOnLaptop-largeChaos Created has already worked on several Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps, both on self-funded projects and for our clients.

Our ability to leverage our knowledge of both platforms means we can target Windows Phone and Windows 8 whilst keeping our client’s costs down.

Our existing clients include Verridian and Boogie Mites (as seen on BBC’s Dragon’s Den) along with several high profile UK retailers.

We’ve also brought UK educational software for schools, Langeroo (a partnership between Chaos Created and UK2U education), to the home market through apps on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Our own projects, including Zombies Ate My City and Timedancer, have fared extremely well on Windows Phone and both were featured on the BBC flagship technology show BBC Click.

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