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Chaos Created will help you get your game on and reach customers in new and innovative ways.


A norn from CreaturesChaos Created actually began as a games company, creating add-ons for the Creatures series of games back in the late 1990s. We were given development tools by the original developers and they sold our add-ons through their official store.  Since then we’ve evolved tremendously (although we do still get a lot of Creatures fans passing our way).

More recently, we’ve been creating educational software for i-board, now part of TES. This software is designed for use on interactive whiteboards and is available for free usage in all UK primary schools.

We’re also heavily focussed on app design and development. We’ve created a small handful of apps for Windows Mobile 6.5 and the iPhone.

Recently, we’ve been committed to developing flagship apps for Windows Phone 7, taking advantage of the device capabilities and creating interactive film apps, including Timedancer.  We’re also working on a new location based game, Zombies Ate My City.

In the modern world, a web site just isn’t enough.  You can engage with your audience in unique and viral ways, and we have the capabilities, the know how and a creative team to help!

If you feel that your company could benefit by having an app on any platform, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to work with you on getting your brand to mobile devices.

To discuss what we could do for your business or organisation, please contact us.



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TES Non-Fiction – We developed a wide range of activities for TES i-board’s Non-Fiction text collection.  These included encyclopaedias, label makers, glossaries and sorting games. (Read more) TES Phonics – We created a dozen games for teaching phonics to children.  These are playable over a wide variety of levels and abilities. (Read more) Melloweh – An artificial-life proof of concept demo. This was a runner-up for the HP Award for Interactive Design.
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Timedancer – An in-house app for Windows Phone 7 devices, combining live action video, exploration and gameplay. (Read more) TES Royal Wedding – Chaos Created is has released Royal Wedding activities and games that we were commissioned to make by TES and TSL Learning. These activities were developed for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils and are the first in a series of Royal Wedding activities that will be released by Chaos Created through TSL between now and the royal wedding which takes place at the end of the month.
Read more)
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