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Bad Day Development Diaries 1: Introducing Alfie and Molly, and their adventure…

Alfie and Molly, our two adventurers.

Meet Alfie and Molly, the two lead characters in Bad Day for a Balloon Ride. Stowing away on their father’s latest invention, a hot-air balloon with an experimental power source, Alfie and Molly soon find themselves in trouble. Teleporting their way through time and space, they need to stay afloat[...]

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Diwali Educational Games from Chaos Created


Chaos Created has been busy working on some interactive storybook activities for TES iboard. The two Diwali packs are titled Diwali – Non-Fiction and Narrative (for children aged 4-7) and Diwali and Bandi Chhor – Non Fiction (for children aged 7-9). Children aged 4-7 are treated to a Diwali –[...]

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